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Sohna Road, the six-lane link between Sohna and Gurgaon, has developed into the growth pole of residential real estate in the city. Its proximity to the commercial hub of Gurgaon and the Golf Course Extension is one of the many reasons why it has achieved the stature of an investment gem in the National Capital Region (NCR). Property in Sohna Road is not only residential but it is a generous mix of commercial, retail, office spaces and the homes from affordable to ultra-luxury segments.72891399030096_untitled3

Residential Units- The residential market of Sohna Road comprises homes in all price ranges. One can find group housing, luxury villa projects, high rise apartments, independent homes, studio apartments, residential plots as well as the ultra-luxury and modern penthouses. These units are in different stages of development- some newly launched and some about to be completed. When one thinks of investing in Residential Property in Sohna Road, the first thing that attracts him is the affordable price range as compared to the more established localities of Golf Course and M G Road.99641399030107_projectimage

Commercial Units- Like the housing units, commercial Property in Sohna Road also showcases a perfect mix of small and big projects in retail segment, virtual spaces, office spaces and many other kinds of commercial establishments. In this micro-market, appreciation prospects are very positive and this is why the investors show renewed interests. Developers like Spaze, Vatika, JMD, Raheja and Signature Global have launched some of their finest projects in different parts of this swiftly developing neighbourhood.38811421215290_image3

Besides the micro factors, the overall improvement in the macro economic segment has also brought about this miraculous change in the Gurgaon real estate market. With easier home loan availability and improved purchasing power, investors and end-users are keen on taking a chance with real estate as it never depreciates in value.