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Buying a home is everyone’s dream but how many actually make that dream a reality? The skyrocketing prices of property in urban India has made it quite difficult for the mid-segment homeseekers to find the home of their dreams. So ultimately they either settle for a rented dwelling or a small home in a suburban area that is within their meagre budget. To help these people buy a better home for their family, developers and real estate advisory firms have come up with Gurgaon scheme Projects that offer several rebates and discounts on the actual rice and make the properties more affordable.
The schemes can be of three types. They can either offer rebates as a percentage of the actual price to the buyer or they can offer a reduction in the tenure of home loan or lowering down the EMIs or they can offer the benefits to a certain segment of people such as the government employees, defence officers, etc. 16001457156175_locationmap

All of these schemes aim towards making dream home a reality to the people of India and are collectively working towards actualizing the aspiration of ‘Housing for All’.53881457503368_fp

One of the great Gurgaon scheme Projects is the marvelous project in Sector 79- Supertech Defence Floors. It offers luxurious independent floors at an affordable rate to the officials of defence mechanisms, government machinery and other corporate set ups. A similar project was launched by the Amrapali Group for government employees only.91781457503421_37191457156160_

This is a great method adopted by the builders to make affordable housing easier for the people of urban India. So if you fall within any of the groups, you must not miss this amazing opportunity to buy a luxurious abode for your family.