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While craving for a home, finance is that the most vital concern for all the consumers. excluding the situation, size and configurations of the lodging, the housing loan issue is a lot of of a headache for a middle class purchaser. What we have a tendency to not notice that the interest on consumer credit will add up to create the house nearly double its actual price. this is often a serious money worry for the middle consumers that keeps them from shopping for the house of their dreams.


Investors Clinic has come up with an excellent resolution for this drawback within the variety of its interest free home scheme- Byaaj Mukt Awas Yojna. It’s a zero interest theme for the homebuyers to assist them actualize their dream of shopping for a home while not paying any additional quantity as interest.
The consumers simply got to pay the principal quantity over a period of hundred months and therefore the installments are termed as Equal Principal Repayment (EPR).


Advantages of EPR over EMI:

The main distinction between EPR and EMI is that just in case of EPR you’d not got to pay any interest, simply the principal quantity. You’ll save vast quantity that you’d have paid as interest if funded through ancient consumer credit. Different advantages of Byaaj Mukt Awas Yojna (BMAY) include:

Buyers upto the age of fifty seven years are eligible to take loans
Unlike traditional loans, the advantages of EPR are transferrable at the time of merchandising
The client may reprocess his loan eligibility after 8.3 years
There will be one hundred easy installments for one hundred months
Welcome the twelve years of stress free life

The zero interest consumer credit facility is on the market on hand-picked comes by a number of the leading developers of NCR. Supertech, Ajnara, Home and Soul, Aditya and Jaypee to call a couple of. This is often a once in a lifetime chance of shopping for a home at such a price. Don’t miss out!